Rise and Shine: CBD Morning Routines

Rise and Shine: CBD Morning Routines

Waking up in the morning can be ruthless. Whether you did not get enough sleep that night or you have a stressful day ahead, rising with the sun doesn’t always seem worth the sunrise. It is not uncommon among working adults, but rough mornings are not just an adult problem. Teenagers still in school as well as college students are not spared this feeling. Incorporating NaturalWorks CBD into morning routines can be beneficial in many ways. The CBD market shows there is a CBD product for almost every lifestyle. 



Morning Routines: Personalised to You


When someone begins to talk about a morning routine, what we think is a routine, is sometimes just a mundane auto routine that we don’t actually know why we do it. Over my life, I had many types of morning routines. In college, there was complete panic at the disco. Even though I knew it wasn’t a good routine, it (most of the time) got me to class on time. Now, as I grow older, I still struggle with a morning routine. Despite all the great information on the internet about morning routines, without personalization it never worked for me. Morning routines need to be personalized to best fit what you need. 



Morning Routine Template


Over the years, health professionals and wellness gurus all have had a similar outline for a solid morning routine. The overall template for a morning routine does make sense but can feel close to impossible. This is where personalisation comes in. You know your body best. Be an advocate. The overall morning routine template includes:


  1. Limit screen time for at least the first hour.
  2. Wake up earlier than the minimum time you need to get ready.
  3. Stretch before getting out of bed.
  4. Drink a glass of water with lemon.
  5. Take time to be mindful of the day and your plans.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Eat a healthy breakfast.


The template looks reasonable. Waking up earlier than the minimum time needed and exercising were the main two parts of the routine that I struggle with. I found that training myself to wake up earlier had to be done in increments of 15 minutes to begin. Then I was slowly able to extend that time after a few weeks of getting used to it. As for exercise, yoga became my goto and that is where I began incorporating NaturalWorks CBD into my routine. 



CBD in Morning Routines


One of the great things about CBD (cannabidiol), is all the product forms it comes in. CBD is derived from cannabis plants. With its close relation to THC, it is often confused with its psychotropic cousin. Despite CBD and THC coming from cannabis plants, cannabidiol does not give the “high” effect that THC does. CBD products come in an array of products to fit any daily routine. 



CBD and Getting Up


Getting out of bed in the morning can be exhausting before the day even begins. Options for an easier morning include what happens in your nightly routine. Balms, tinctures, and CBD patches support the general feeling health and wellbeing. This could allow a more restful sleep, which leads to more energy in the morning. Using a CBD balm first thing in the morning can also be incorporated into a morning routine.

Yoga can be used within your morning routine as well. Incorporating yoga into my morning routine has helped me to feel more energised and more focused during the day. Applying CBD patches or balms before a yoga session can make stretching exercises easier. Oral tinctures before a yoga session not only helps with stretching but also eases the mind helping to get more out of your yoga session. When our minds are balanced, it helps our bodies to balance as well. 



NaturalWorks CBD Pre-Workout


Exercise is something I personally struggle with. When I found yoga, the word ‘exercise’ had a whole new meening. I no longer dreaded it and began to enjoy it. Finding what works best for you may take time. The payoff of finding a form of exercise that is enjoyable comes when that part of the morning routine is no longer dreaded. Doing something that you enjoy will lead to you doing it more often and for longer periods. 

Using CBD pre-workout has many benefits. Different products allow for different effects. Capsules, gummies, and other edibles are used during pre-work out for the effects that will be felt post-workout. Because these products are digested, they take one to two hours for the effects to be felt. CBD edibles during pre-workout can help with the after effects, helping the body to prepare for the day ahead. Taking CBD tinctures in advance of a workout allows the consumer to feel the effects during the workout. These should be taken 30 minutes to an hour before workout. 



CBD Skin Routine


The overall benefits of cannabidiol continue to grow. Many skin care companies suggest the positive benefits on the overall skin condition. CBD acts similar to an antioxidant. Along with protecting the skin from damaging free radicals and premature aging, some users believe that CBD is more effective than vitamin C and E. Since the skincare companies have seen the market for CBD grow, some of these skincare products can be expensive. Users have found that buying some unflavoured CBD oil and adding it to their regular facial cream, is not only cheaper but can be just as effective. Beyond the antioxidant effects, cannabidiol can be used as a spot treatment for minor skin imperfections. 



CBD with Morning Coffee and Breakfast


As an avid coffee drinker, the easiest way to incorporate CBD is by putting it in my morning coffee or tea. Tinctures come in a variety of flavours that blend well with coffee. There are also flavourless dissolvable CBD powders. Breakfast smoothies and shakes are also ways to get CBD. For those consumers who eat breakfast, CBD honey can be a great addition to a bowl of oatmeal or homemade granola bars. 



Things to Consider


CBD can be a positive addition to a morning routine. Before beginning any CBD routine, it is always recommended to speak with a health professional. Discussing your new routine with your health professional can help identify certain complications. Side effects of CBD are usually mild but can include: tiredness or fatigue, diarrhoea, nausea, changes in appetite or weight, dry mouth, and low blood pressure. Keeping a daily log of the CBD product type, dose, and dosage time can be helpful to maintain control of positive and adverse changes. 





Finding a morning routine that works takes time and patience. Rarely does a morning routine off the hottest new trend work for everyone. It requires personalisation. Once you have an idea of how you would like to incorporate CBD into your morning routine, talk with a health professional. Remember, the opinions of this article are formed by research and science. These opinions do not offer or imply medical advice.






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