Different Forms of CBD - Which One Would Be Your Ideal

Different Forms of CBD - Which One Would Be Your Ideal

The popularity of CBD is increasing with every passing moment. One of the prime reasons for its increasing popularity is the multitude of forms it comes in which has also made cannabidiol (CBD) a consumer-friendly choice. Let’s take a quick look at the different forms of CBD that caters the varying needs of CBD consumers.

CBD is mainly available in the form of sublingual oil or tinctures, edibles, topicals or vapes. Each form has benefits and limitations. Understanding what each form is and knowing what you need is one of the first steps to learning about CBD.




Oils and Tinctures

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. The tincture is made when this CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. The liquid form usually comes with a spray, pump or a dropper. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and has a lasting effect.




Many people prefer to take their CBD dose through ingestibles, in case they are sensitive to particular texture or taste. Ingestible CBD products may come in different forms and flavours as well. These include capsules and edibles such as CBD Gummies etc. Being the easiest method for CBD consumption, ingestible CBD can be taken orally like other vitamin supplements. As it is swallowed and absorbed through digestion, their effects are also long-lasting. However, ingestible CBD would not usually be an effective form to use if you are looking for immediate results because they may take up to two hours for it to come into effect. Trying and experimenting with edibles and capsules will allow an individual to have a better idea of how their body reacts to CBD.




Topicals comprise anything that can be applied to the skin directly. These products range from balms, creams, salves, wax or lotions, that are made with CBD oil. Topical CBD enables us to apply CBD locally in order to attain localized relief.




It is also one of the forms of CBD that comes in the form of vape juice that is inhaled through a pen-like vaping device. Through vaping, CBD enters our bloodstream immediately through the respiratory tract. 




Although CBD is well-tolerated in many people, yet it is advised to talk to your health care provider before using any form of CBD products. It may also be noted that some medications have undesirable effects when combined with CBD. 






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