How Women Are Shaping The CBD Industry

How Women Are Shaping The CBD Industry

Along with a lot of other industries around the globe, an increasing number of women are continuously becoming a part of the CBD industry. Statistics show that in comparison to other industries, women held around 36% of executive roles in the legal marijuana industry in 2015, which was at least 14% higher than women employed at similar positions in other industries. More than one-third of business executive positions in the legal marijuana industry are held by women. 




Women in CBD Leadership Roles

In view of the statistics above, it can broadly be deduced that women play an integral part in the industry’s decision-making process, where, among other things, they are also actively involved in areas such as cannabis legalisation, cannabis rights, as well as creating awareness among their colleagues, thereby helping to shape the booming industry in numerous ways.


Research also shows that it is beneficial to have women involved in the decision-making processes of organisations because this has proven to result in major improvements in not only productivity and communication but also in the financial success of companies. Similarly, there are several women in leadership roles in the CBD industry today, many of whom are working as political leaders and CBD lobbyists, working closely with CBD rights and advocating to bring about positive changes in the cannabis industry.



Creating Awareness 

In addition to the above, there is another significant way in which women are contributing to the CBD industry, which is by spreading their knowledge and experience to others, thereby creating awareness about the different aspects of CBD. The way in which they do this is by hosting seminars and webinars, writing blogs, posting on relevant groups on social media, offering informational classes, and so on. In this way, they are able to educate CBD advocates and employees about different aspects of the cannabis industry, such as operational management, financing, marketing, licensing etc.

It must also be noted that several colleges and universities have also started including CBD classes in their academic curriculum. A lot of these courses are taught by women, where students are educated about the cannabis industry and this can eventually assist them in choosing a career in the CBD industry. 



Role of CBD in Women’s Self-Care

Statistics show that the use of CBD among women has escalated immensely in the past five years, and has never been as high as it is now in 2020. The number of CBD users is constantly increasing, not only due to its general health benefits and advantages but also due to it being used for purely recreational purposes. 

Women who use CBD products for its benefits often use it as a natural plant-based solutions for female hygiene products and CBD products manage to gain popularity in this area. 

However, it is important to mention that a lot of women still consider ingestible CBD to be a stigma, and according to a survey, around 66% of women consume CBD products in secrecy, mainly due to fear of being judged on this basis. But as more and more women continue becoming part of the industry, the use of CBD products will hopefully be normalised and women will feel more comfortable around this topic, and many will also choose this industry as a career path in the next few decades.




To sum up, even though statistics show that women are helping shape the CBD industry in various ways, that is, by working at executive positions in the industry, by creating awareness about it, as well as by utilising CBD products for health and recreational purposes. This continues to present the importance for women to keep on joining the cannabis industry and bringing in their knowledge, experience and plans to action, combined with their unique perspectives that can help boost the cannabis industry further. 



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