GUEST BLOG: Danny Sangha - Approaching each day as if it were exercise

GUEST BLOG: Danny Sangha - Approaching each day as if it were exercise

Confidence coach Danny Sangha suggests bringing the 'warm-up' phase of exercise into your daily life


It’s common practice to warm up and perform stretches when engaging in physical exercise in order to avoid injury as well as ensuring performing at your best.  The same goes for post exercise with a warm down to aid your recovery and to ensure that you’re able to repeat the process again, and again, achieving a better result each time.


It would be a great idea to apply the same approach to your personal wellbeing and performance each day. in conjunction with NaturalWorks CBD Oil  And I do literally mean just a gentle exercise and stretch, in addition to some other ‘warm up’ and ‘warm down’ activities that will have you geared up and ready to perform at your best during the days ahead.



If there is one key factor to sustainable success that I have seen common to the highly successful clients that I work with, it is the time that they invest in themselves.  More often than not, this will entail a mixture of physical activity, such as exercise or yoga, meditation and some time for reflection and planning.  A lighter version of this ritual is often repeated at the tail end of the day to wind down the day and prepare for a quality night’s sleep.


Carving out sufficient time before your day takes over, could mean to perform small rituals, not just on some weekdays or weekend.   These can help you to approach the day focussed and clear so you can charge through a seemingly chaotic and stressful day whilst remaining relatively calm and composed, no matter what the day may throw at you.  Of course, we all have our off days and the rich and famous are not immune from such days, but they certainly bounce back a lot quicker thanks to these powerful rituals.


We should all strive to incorporate this ‘winning formula’ within our own daily lives, by firstly beginning by carving out the required time.  This needs to be practical for you to ensure that it is sustainable, and often it’s more important to get going with habit creation even if you only find 15 minutes at each end of the day.  With only 15 minutes, you can easily perform a little light exercise for 5 minutes to get the blood pumping and a short meditation for 10 minutes.  You could even reduce the meditation down to 5 minutes and squeeze in a chapter of a book that you’ve been meaning to start reading whenever you were going to make time for it.


Getting up earlier by just 15 minutes should not feel uncomfortable, but the 15 minutes of your ritual will greatly offset this anyway.  You could always be more precious with your time at the end of the day by getting yourself off to bed a little earlier.


By starting off relatively light in terms of activities and duration, you’ll quickly grow an attachment to what will become a precious ritual that keeps your physical and mental wellbeing optimal every single day.  You will find yourself looking for ways to salvage more time in your day to allocate to this ritual so that it grows to 30 minutes or more each morning and evening, which in turn gives you more time to incorporate some journaling for reflection and planning, which in turn will have you getting more out of your days.


Give it a try by starting off small; and enjoy the benefits of this secret ingredient to your day.  If the rich and famous can make time for these rituals out of their manic days, then there’s no reason why you can’t; we all have an equal 24 hours to spend each day, and I’m only suggesting that you find 15 minutes as a start.


Danny Sangha is a Clarity, Alignment & Confidence Coach Providing Professional & Personal Success. He has spent over 15 years providing Clarity, Alignment & Confidence to individuals with a total of over 43,000 plus hours spent across several Industries.

Danny has specifically worked closely with individuals in the Media whom are highly recognised public figures providing clarity to an individual on their values, purpose and direction in their personal and professional life.

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