How to use CBD

How to use CBD

CBD products come in many different forms, but the most common of these is as a tincture – more commonly known as CBD oil. With this you squeeze drops of oil into your mouth, placing them under your tongue for faster absorption. Of course the amount of oil drops or amount of times you take CBD throughout the day depends on your own individual circumstances, and the strength of the CBD product you are using.


The UK’s FSA currently recommends not to exceed 70mg of CBD per day. To give a practical example, with a 10% CBD oil, each millilitre of oil contains 100mg, so we recommend 2-3 drops to start off with, increasing the dosage each day until you achieve the desired results.



But when to take CBD? This depends on your circumstances.


For instance if you were taking CBD to maintain a good night sleep, then we suggest that you take one dose just before bed and see how it affects you. If it’s not enough then perhaps increase your dosage, or if it’s enough then just maintain at a single dose for now.


On the other hand, if you were having a challeging day, then we’d suggest that you can take a dose whenever you have that tight feeling in your stomach or when you are feeling particularly pressured to help the body to maintain its equilibrium state. It all depends on your own individual situation, and you should alter your timings or dosages when looking towards one’s own needs.



Whilst the benefits of CBD are almost universally perceived as positive, some people dislike the taste of oils. If the taste of CBD Oil puts you off it then why not try putting it in a recipe, or adding it to your morning coffee? There are many different ways to include CBD in your daily intake without having to take it directly, and NaturalWorks will be outlining some delicious recipes that work fantastically with CBD on our blog in the very near future!


You can even add CBD into a cocktail if you’re feeling extra fancy! Indeed there are already several outlets offering this in the United States, and we’re sure it’ll become a much more common ingredient in UK cocktails in the future given how tasty it is!


Of course, coffeeshops are also taking advantage of this new ingredient, including the cleverly named Starbuds, and there is a directory of cafes selling CBD here, alongside a multitude of online based services selling CBD-infused coffee to make at home. Afterall, if you’re an amateur barista then surely it just makes sense to add this fantastic ingredient to your coffee! Just beware that if you’re taking CBD to ensure good night sleep then the caffeine in the coffee could interact with the CBD and potentially cancel its effects if you take it too close to bedtime!




Of course, CBD isn’t only available as a tincture. For example if you were looking to use CBD on your skin or on a particular body area then you’d probably find a topical cream works better. This applies the CBD directly to skin, without any ingestion, and is a much more specialised method of using CBD.


Whereas CBD Oil Tinctures can have a variety of uses, topical CBD Creams tend to focus more on delivering CBD transdermally (through the skin), and have very few alternative uses outside of that narrow scope.


So ultimately, the best option for using CBD is by taking into account your own needs, and utilising your own judgement. Whether you choose topical creams or are looking for a more ‘all-round’ option that can be multi-faceted, CBD products come in all forms and sizes!

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