GUEST BLOG: Nick Davies - Adapting to change

GUEST BLOG: Nick Davies - Adapting to change

Leading UK Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist Nick Davies ( outlines several routines of how to adapt to change. These techniques can be supported by NaturalWorks CBD Oil.


"Preparing for change is hard, because of the uncertainty and doubt it creates, but did you know that your mind is doing this deliberately, giving you extra focus and energy, to help you prepare for the event.


As well as being a leading UK psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, I also run Nick Davies Sports Psychology ( where I help top sportsmen and women prepare for events. I've been lucky to work with people from GB Boxing, GB Athletics, GB Pentathlon and GB Boxing, so I am going to teach you two techniques I have used with them.


The first is for those of you that need to prepare but lack the motivation:



Exercise 1 - "Procrastination Buster:


1) “Close your eyes, imagine what your life would be like in one year’s time if you hadn't started that thing you wanted to do, what could you see, hear and feel?”


2) “Now, imagine what your life would be like in five years’ time nothing having changed, again what can you see, hear and feel?”


3) “Imagine what your life would be like in ten years’ time still having made no changes at all, what can you see, hear and feel? How bad has the situation gotten now?”


4) “Now, imagine what your life would be like in twenty years’ time again nothing changing, really imagine this vividly what can you see, hear and feel and how bad does that make you feel?”


5) “Take a moment to associate ALL those bad feelings and sensations with what you want to change?”


6) "Open your eyes and take a deep breath considering how things will be different now and the importance of not letting time and opportunity slip away."


This next technique is to help you prepare properly for the changes that are about to happen to make sure you're ready. It's a great way for creating motivation by creating a Pavlov-style ‘association’ with a stimulus to an emotional peak state.



Exercise 2 "Peak State Programming":


1) Pick three times in the past where you felt the things you want to create e.g. confidence, motivation and determination and write down what you saw, heard and felt.


2) Sit back in a comfortable chair and imagine you are in your very own state of the art cinema.


3) Imagine watching yourself on the screen in the three occasions you wrote down as a continual loop following each other.


4) Make the pictures bigger and brighter, make the sounds richer and clearer and imagine stepping into yourself on that screen.


5) See through your eyes, hear through your ears and really FEEL how great that feels and clench one or both of your fists to associate with those amazing feelings of motivation and determination.


6) The next time you need to access this positive state, stand tall, take a breath and squeeze the fist or fists and feel all those feelings come flooding back.



If the feelings are not strong enough for you, repeat the exercise until they are.


Also if you'd like to listen to my free Hypnotherapy "Motivation Mastery" recording go here



About Nick Davies                                   


Nick is a media-friendly, leading UK Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Sports Performance Mind Coach, Trainer and Speaker in the UK and Europe. Known as "The PTSD Whisperer" because of his specialism in treating trauma quickly and permanently.  He has been published in Men’s Health, Glamour, New, Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Own, Trade Travel Gazette, Yahoo, Small Business, Feel Good You, Take a Break, Thread, Health & Wellbeing, Cosmopolitan and was also selected as a “Page One Person” for My Entrepreneur magazine. To find out more visit and (sports performance)."

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