CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: Every Difference That Matters

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: Every Difference That Matters

Cannabis-infused products are incredibly popular at the moment. You can find them in your local beauty store as well as in stores that sell natural products.

Getting the right products means knowing the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. These terms are often used interchangeably, but the products aren’t the same, and shouldn’t be used as if they were.


Hemp Vs Marijuana Plants


All cannabis and hemp products come from different types of cannabis plants. There are three main types of plants:

  • Cannabis Indica
  • Cannabis Sativa
  • Cannabis Ruderalis


Different types of cannabis plants have different levels of certain compounds. This is what gives them their primary effects. For example, marijuana is made from a variety of cannabis sativa that contains around 15-20 percent Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is what causes the high. These plants also contain more resin, which means they can provide more CBD oil than hemp plants.

Hemp is another variety of cannabis sativa that’s much lower in THC, containing at most 0.3% (or 0.2% in Europe limits). Hemp can be found in health supplements and certain industries. Because it has low THC levels and high CBD levels, hemp can offer health benefits without psychoactive side effects.


Both hemp and marijuana plants can be used to create CBD oil, and the oil will have different properties and benefits depending on what it’s made from.



What is Hemp Oil?


Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. The seeds are cold pressed using processes that are similar to those that make coconut oil.


Hemp oil has been available in health food shops for years and can also be found in products like cosmetics and soaps. Unfortunately, the seeds don’t contain any cannabinoids such as THC or CBD, which is why hemp oil doesn’t have any of wellness benefits.



Hemp Oil Benefits


Despite its drawbacks, hemp oil is actually very good for your body. That’s why it’s found in skin products and some foods. If you’re considering trying a product that contains hemp oil, here are some of the benefits you may enjoy:

  • Unbeatable nutrition, as hemp seeds contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.
  • Improved cardiovascular health because of the omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.
  • Skin conditioning because of the fatty acids resulting in smoother, more youthful skin.
  • Complete protein replacement for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Smoother, healthier nails because of better hydration.
  • Better hair hydration, resulting in shinier, healthier hair.


What is CBD Oil?


Just to be clear, products that contain NaturalWorks CBD oil won’t get you high because they don’t contain enough THC. Cannabis plants contain two main compounds called phytocannabinoids. The first is THC, which causes the high and other symptoms associated with marijuana. The second is Cannabidiol or CBD. This compound offer the same benefits as hemp oil and more without causing psychoactive effects.


CBD oil is made from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of hemp plants, which contain only a small amount of THC, and a larger quantity of CBD. This is why it’s legal in most countries to make CBD oil. Different types of CBD oil can be extracted from hemp, each of them with benefits and effects on the body.



CBD Oil Benefits


NaturalWorks CBD helps the body to maintain its homeostasis. This means that it helps to regulate body functions naturally. When this system is unbalanced, the effects on your health can be significant. In many cases, NaturalWorks CBD oil can help support your wellness goals. Everyone is different and will have different reactions to CBD oil.


Is it CBD Oil or Hemp Oil?


There’s a lot of confusion about this issue. Companies often use the wrong label on products, claiming that they contain CBD oil when in fact they use hemp seed oil. This claim can increase the price and prevent you from enjoying the effects you’re looking for. But you don’t have to be confused or uncertain about what your products contain. In reality, it’s actually fairly simple to tell whether a product contains CBD oil or hemp oil. Before you buy, take a look at the label. Products that use hemp oil will have cannabis sativa seed oil in the ingredients list. CBD oil products will have one or more of the following in the ingredients:

  • Cannabidiol
  • Hemp oil
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil
  • PCR hemp extracts
  • PCR (phytocannabinoid rich)


So, always check your labels before you part with your hard-earned cash.



How to Choose the Right CBD Oil


There are different types of CBD oil available. This includes non-refined or whole plant, THC-free distillate, and CBD isolate varieties. THC-free distillate and isolate varieties use complex extraction processes to remove as much THC as possible. This ensures the legality of the final product in certain parts of the world. However, it also creates a problem when it comes to choosing your CBD oil.


The entourage effect is incredibly important when it comes to CBD oil. This is the idea that the ‘extras’ in whole-plant extracts combined with the CBD provide better results. There are minor phytocannabinoids such as CBG and CBC in whole plant extracts as well as terpenes. These ‘extras’ normally work synergetically with the primary compounds to have the best effects. So, when these ‘extras’ are
removed during extraction, this balance is lost.


Different countries have different laws about levels of THC in a product, and in some areas, even small amounts of THC are illegal. That’s why different THC extraction processes are used and why you should be concerned about what processes are used for your CBD oil. Because of the entourage effect, CBD oil made from non-refined extracts is usually going to be higher quality. However, your use may be restricted by the laws about THC content where you live.



The Takeaway


There are big differences between hemp oil and CBD oil including the costs and the effects it will have on your body. So, don’t be fooled. Make sure that you’re getting what you paid for and have the best chance of experiencing the benefits you’re looking for when using natural works.

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