CBD Buying Guide For Beginners; What To Look For In CBD Products

CBD Buying Guide For Beginners; What To Look For In CBD Products

As the popularity of CBD is exploding, there is a boom of CBD products everywhere. The availability of a wide range of CBD products to choose from has made the decision a bit difficult for the consumers, especially the ones who are trying to buy CBD for the first time. For such people and others who are eager to learn about CBD products, let’s dive into this CBD buying guide for beginners, featuring what to look for in CBD products before taking them.

In order to ensure that the CBD products are the best CBD choice for you or your dear ones, make sure to find out about the following:


  • Method of Extraction For CBD

    There are different methods of extraction of CBD from the plant. Whenever you are going to buy CBD products like CBD oil or any other CBD infused product, always make sure to find out the method of extraction. 


    When it comes to the quality of the final CBD product, the method of extraction plays a key role. If the CBD products are extracted by heat using butane, butane is hazardous in nature. Even if it is distilled from the final CBD product, the immediate interaction with the cannabinoids may already be diluted to spoil the quality of those CBD products.


    Therefore, it is always better to look for such companies that use CO2 method for extraction of CBD, as it is the safest and most efficient technique in practice nowadays. Use of CO2 extraction method will ensure that all the cannabinoids remain intact without using any foreign substances.



  • Source: 

  • The next thing after the method of extraction to find out is the source. Always make sure that the CBD product you are going to buy is coming from the organically grown hemp. CBD products, made from low-quality hemp, are usually exposed to pesticides and other toxic chemicals that may hurt the quality of the CBD product.


  • Certificate of Analysis

  • In order to make sure that the CBD product is reliable and of high quality, always try to get your hands on its third party analysis report or Certificate of Analysis. For reliable CBD products, access to the third-party lab reports would not be a problem. Reliable CBD companies do publish their third party lab reports on websites and also present them when asked readily to keep the trust of their loyal customers intact.


  • Ingredients and THC

  • Along with other factors, the most important thing to look out for in a CBD product is the list of ingredients and the amount of THC present in it. You may also match it with the certificate of analysis for that product to avoid getting trapped because of mislabeling. Make sure the amount of THC is within the allowed legal limits that are different for every country. 


  • Avoid Unnatural Additives

  • Many people like to use flavoured CBD products. If you prefer flavoured products, make sure to go for all-natural flavours. Always go for those CBD products that are free of artificial additives or potential allergens like gluten or others. Why rock the boat with something unnatural, when it is about CBD that is all-natural.





    Either you are trying to buy CBD online or from the store, only go for those CBD products whose manufacturers stand behind their products. Many companies offer money-back guarantees for unhappy customers. Make sure to redeem the offer if you are the unhappy one. 


    Last but not the least, always be sceptical if you think the price is too good to be true. With extra low prices, there may be a compromise in the quality of the CBD product. 

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