CBD & Alcohol

CBD & Alcohol

CBD is fast rising in popularity and enjoying much attention all over social media. However, it seems people are only interested in mixing CBD with any substance such as alcohol.


Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is a compound that gives a relaxing effect when used. However, it doesn't have a psychoactive effect which gets you high as THC does. CBD is sold in various forms such as edibles, oil, vape juice, and capsules.



Should CBD and alcohol be taken together?


Presently, there is no sufficient evidence to prove whether taking NaturalWorks CBD with alcohol is ideal. However, some human experimental studies have shown that CBD may cause a reduction in the side effect of alcohol. What is not certain is if taking CBD with alcohol affects health adversely.


Also, CBD effects vary from individuals, so it makes it impossible to accurately determine the impact CBD will have on individuals when taken with alcohol. Additionally, most recent research focuses on the consumption of very high amounts of alcohol with CBD; it does not take into account the consumption of a few bottles of liquor with CBD. 


Therefore, little information is known in the aspect of moderate alcohol consumption. Based on these assumptions, it is advised that people should not take NaturalWorks CBD and alcohol together, especially if you don't know how you will react to both.


If you choose to mix CBD and alcohol, ensure you take them both in little quantities to reduce the risk of adverse side effects. If you have any side effects or concerns using this combination, consult your physician.


Note that it takes a while before CBD or alcohol leaves your body system, so without using them together, they may still interact if they are both taken within a 4-8 hours interval.


Since CBD and alcohol are known to both cause a feeling of relaxation and help reduce your inhibitions, you may feel a stronger and lasting effect when both are mixed and taken together. For instance, if you feel chill and light-hearted on CBD, mixing it with alcohol will cause a more intense feeling.


which could be life-threatening if you don't give it proper attention. So, anyone with an alcohol use disorder should instead seek medical help before they stop alcohol use.


Additionally, cocktails may replace alcohol use with CBD for those that want to have a relaxing experience of a cocktail without alcohol. This is ideal in a social setting; all you need do is to add CBD oil to your cocktail recipe and enjoy!



The takeaway

Until extensive research is carried out regarding CBD and alcohol safe combination, we advise you to stay within safe limits. Take your time to understand your body system and how it reacts with alcohol and CBD. Drink responsibly and take care of your health!



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