Using CBD to Manage Your Inner-Child

Using CBD to Manage Your Inner-Child

There is a child within everyone, so it has been the experience. An inner child is a term given to people's inner-most self, a reflection of who they were as a child, and the feelings, emotions, ambitions, and traumas of the past. As we grow older, the feelings and trauma of the inner child are suppressed and they often resurface in other forms and emotions, more so during personal times like writing and/or meditating. Often, the feelings that the inner child has are of the negative spectrum e.g. a feeling of helplessness that root from childhood experience. These can be expressed as tiredness, behavioural changes, excessive drinking, moodiness, and outbursts of anger.


Our article today focuses on CBD (Cannabidiol), and how it may help with balancing the feelings and emotions. CBD, a chemical compound from the plant Cannabis-sativa, and one of the many compounds called cannabinoids is used to support the feeling of well-being. While exercising, hydration, eating healthy, sleeping the right amount, and talking to loved ones are the main ways of getting stress off your back, there are times when a little more support is required even if you are doing everything right.


CBD, just the right amount, is worthy of your attention in such a scenario. CBD, has drawn a lot of interest from researchers currently on how CDB can be useful in supporting people in their recovery journey after trauma.  



What NaturalWorks CBD does is to support and maintain the feeling of well-being that can help managing the feeling of helplessness of your inner child. The inner child is nothing but the child you were, and those old feelings projected by your old self on your current self. We offer CBD as the solution to problems presented by the inner child. Nothing but beneficial!





Consumers using CBD are advised to use these at their own risk. The risk of consumption rests with the user as CBD and it’s products are not regulated and /or tested by the government. It is advised to speak to your doctor before using anything that contains cannabidiol.


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