The Holistic Health Journey and CBD

The Holistic Health Journey and CBD

Modern day health trends tend to focus on a specific symptom, illness, or medical diagnosis. Weight Loss fad diets focus solely on eating healthy or only eating certain food groups. Pharmaceutical companies are continuously generating new pills for insomnia to pain management. The list does not end there. Western medicine has forgotten its ancient roots. The practice of holistic health is often overlooked or undermined. Yet benefits of a holistic health approach are proved time and time again. 



Holistic Health: Approach to Life


Holistic health can often be brushed aside as a “hippie” or no longer used “ancient trend”. When discussed further, holistic health offers far more than expected. We, as individuals, are not defined by one part of us. Instead, our individualism is the connection and balance between our mind, body, and spirit. Westernised healthcare systems are segregated. Doctors and physicians are specialised in one area then offer referrals to other physicians for other areas. This is what separates holistic health – the general outlook. Rather than treating specific illness, or specific part of the body, holistic health emphasises the general benefits to the whole person. 

Very rarely is only one part of our bodies exclusively affected by sickness. As someone who lives with severe anxiety, I am reminded daily that the anxiety created in my mind affects my body and spirit as well. When the anxiety builds, my shoulders begin to tense and stiffen. This leads to pain. Physical pain leads to negative thoughts of “I hate my body for all this pain” or “I will never complete my goals because anxiety and pain are too debilitating”. My overall spirit becomes gray and cloudy. Taking a pill for my anxiety or pain is an important part of my own self-care during episodes but it is a “quick fix”. Using a holistic health approach to my anxiety and pain leads me to the root cause of those and helps me identify and make positive lifestyle choices.

Looking at holistic health as an approach to living allows individuals to understand that their health and wellness is a lifelong journey. A balance between our mind, body, and spirit prepares us for the journey of life. If someone breaks a leg, not only is their physical body hurting but the repercussions of that pain can negatively affect their mind and spirit. If someone doesn’t get the job they interviewed for, their physical health could be negatively impacted because their mind is disappointed. Holistic health prepares the mind, body, and spirit for the imbalances of life while sustaining an overall wellness. 



Holistic Wellness and CBD


CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from the cannabis plant. Its close relative, THC, is often the first compound thought of when cannabis is mentioned. The well known “high” of THC is not experienced when using cannabidiol. CBD oil, also known as hemp oil, has been gaining popularity among consumers for its ability to support general health and well-being. Much like the practice of holistic health, cannabis compounds like CBD have been practiced throughout the history of our world to improve the overall wellness.




Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness


As mentioned above, NaturalWorks CBD stimulates our body’s naturally occurring systems and receptors. Pain and inflammation can wreak havoc internally. Using NaturalWorks CBD to positively balance our internal system leads to a greater physical wellness. Because of the various forms CBD can be used, the individual consumer can decide the most helpful mode for them. 

Looking at CBD with a holistic lens magnifies the relation our overall physical, mental, and spiritual balance has on our overall wellness.

The consumer reports in regards to CBD, suggest strong positivity in terms of maintaining general health and wellbeing. Oftentimes, when our bodies are out of balance, easing symptoms to a more manageable level allows the individual to focus on the root cause of the ailment. Holistic health emphasizes the importance of seeing our bodies as a whole, taking into account our mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. 



The Take-Away


This article is based on opinion built upon medical, scientific, and consumer research. Individuals who are looking to begin a holistic health journey with the incorporation of cannabidiol, should always talk with their medical provider before beginning. Holistic health is a life approach that takes into account the individual and emphasizes balance and overall wellness. CBD, natural plant-based compound, positively embraces the imbalances of the body and is an ancient tool for overall wellness. Because natural works.

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Balancing our physical, mental, and spiritual health needs to be done in ways that lead to conscious approaches to life. CBD is a natural resource that when combined with holistic health can help achieve and maintain wellness.



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