My CBD journey - Maximilian Moldaschl, CFO & Founding Partner of NaturalWorks

My CBD journey - Maximilian Moldaschl, CFO & Founding Partner of NaturalWorks

What do you currently do at NaturalWorks?


I hold the position of Chief Financial Officer, but being a start up, in reality I do a bit of everything and get involved in most of our workstreams. My days can be a wild combination of tasks: from coding new features into our website, to developing new product formulations, aligning suppliers and designing the packaging for new products, to sorting out issues at our warehouses, to pushing our B2B and retail strategy, to the more mundane tasks like settling invoices or running to the post office before it closes to send out samples. It sounds cheesy, but none of my days are like any of the others before that, and that challenge is my biggest source of inspiration.


From a bigger picture, I of course spend a lot of time strategising and planning the direction of our company and it’s products, to make sure we are able to offer our customers what they are after.



What was your inspiration behind starting NaturalWorks?


In short: my personal experience with CBD juxtaposed with the realisation that there is a huge need for more transparency and consumer education in the industry.


Having spent 12 years in finance prior to launching NaturalWorks – a harsh environment with a lot of pressure and long hours – over the years I had my fair share of ups and downs with work related pressure and a lack of relaxation. After being recommended CBD, I tried a CBD oil, and became an instant fan: I like the way it takes the “edge off”, but not like a glass of wine or beer does – I feel like CBD rebalances you. I felt refreshed, was more focused, and enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t a traditional pharmaceutical product. Back then I also tried CBD creams for my back – another side effect of sitting for long hours in my old jobs – which also really helped me.


However, versus my positive personal experience with the product, I found the industry lacked transparency in many ways. From non-existent regulation, to wild price differences between brands, confusing labels, not much advice on how to consume/how much to consume; as a consumer I was left confused, not knowing who to trust.


So to cut a long story short, the main reason behind starting our brand, is to share my positive experience with CBD with others, whilst educating consumers and building a brand they can trust.



What is your favourite CBD product and when do you take it?


Its hard to pin down one product, but if I have to I would choose our ingestible CBD oil. My CBD journey started with an ingestible product, and I have been using CBD tinctures ever since. I take a few drops about 15 minutes before going to bed, placing them under my tongue for around 30 seconds for better absorption. I wake up the next morning to tackle the day with unparalleled energy! 

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