My CBD journey - Georgie Woollams, senior partner and head of Branding & PR at NaturalWorks.

My CBD journey - Georgie Woollams, senior partner and head of Branding & PR at NaturalWorks.

What are you responsible for at NaturalWorks and what’s your background?

I am a partner at NaturalWorks, and head Branding & PR for the brand.


After several years in communications, I set up my own leading international marketing agency in 2010, working across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Hard work led to a rapid expansion and many successes, but I also realised that I needed to take better care of myself. Several weeks spent in Los Angeles, I was introduced to the CBD industry, sparking an interest which led to me travelling to Switzerland to learn more about the industry and ultimately joining the NaturalWorks team as a partner, from the very onset of the brand.


The NaturalWorks vision is very much ingrained in me. For a long time, I have preferred to turn to natural solutions when confronted with life challenges and I have always been a big believer in the power of natural healing. These personal experiences were key to shaping NaturalWorks’ mission.


When first introduced to CBD, I noticed the minefield in the marketplace, and was concerned about where to start looking. This lead to the realisation that a lot of clear communication with the end consumer and ultimately building trust, is of paramount importance for the CBD industry.



What is your favourite CBD product and when do you take it?


After contracting COVID in late 2020, I looked into how I could manage my symptoms with natural products, and realised that the new NaturalWorks warming balm worked wonders soothing my muscles. It has since become my favourite CBD product, and serves as an excellent example of how CBD can be used topically, as well as orally – with most consumers well aware of CBD oils!



What is your vision for NaturalWorks?


I am extremely knowledgeable about CBD from my own experiences, and have delved in deep on my travels, giving me an extensive knowledge of CBD and natural solutions to draw from to help NaturalWorks produce our top quality natural solutions to everyday problems.


Through my experience, NaturalWorks have truly positioned themselves to conquer the CBD market, through provision of excellence at affordable prices. Quality product and education go hand in hand, and I am in a good position to help oversee the dawn of a new, exciting age in CBD.

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