COVID-19 Anxieties: Incorporate CBD into Your Routine

COVID-19 Anxieties: Incorporate CBD into Your Routine

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in various ways with fear, anxiety and stress on the increase. The recent happenings globally are enough to make people anxious and give them a dose of reality. From constant worries about staying healthy, keeping your job, living your normal lives, and coping with the present situation, anxiety is a pertinent issue affecting millions in the UK.


At this period, it is important to maintain your mental health so that you can effectively overcome various challenges that may come your way.


So, while research is ongoing to find a vaccine, and everyone tries to adjust to the new normal, we will share tips to relieve COVID-19 related anxieties and overall mental health. 



Does social distancing and lockdown have the potential to impact anxiety?


Anxiety could set in as a result of the disruption in daily routine. There are other happenings at this period which may cause a spike in anxiety level. Those facing financial difficulties in this COVID-19 pandemic are more susceptible to anxiety-related issues.


Swinburne University Australia and VicHealth published a report on the correlation between anxiety and loneliness among young adults between the ages of 18 to 25.


The report reveals that significant levels of loneliness have a 10% increase in social anxiety among young adults. This highlights the potential consequences of staying at home and social distancing on mental health.


A lot of people are also plunged into financial problems as businesses shut down, and some lay-off workers. This is further corroborated by a report that 38% of those in some form of debt have felt anxious. 


Don't let COVID-19 anxiety get the better of you


Ignoring your COVID-19 anxieties is not the best decision as it could lead to more serious health issues. Please don't allow the situation to spiral out of control. If symptoms persist, speak to your doctor or a mental-health specialist.


Your Routine


To help maintain your sense of well-being at this period, you need to develop certain coping strategies. From practicing mindfulness meditation to taking deep breaths and yoga, several wellness activities could benefit you immensely.


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