CBD for women

CBD for women

One of the most important phenomena in a woman’s life is menstruation. Research reports that menstruation produces many cognitive, sensory and emotional changes in our body that may impact our day to day life. 

With a massive increase in health and wellness concerns regarding menstruation, a large number of women, belonging to different age groups, are searching for natural products like Cannabidiol (CBD), to support their general health throughout the reproductive period. 

If you want your periods to be more of a blessing than a burden, certain CBD products like CBD-tampons, period patches, vaginal suppositories may contribute to your general health. 



NaturalWorks CBD Benefits:


Before the onset of periods, many women feel various undesirable symptoms like menstrual cramps. These symptoms indicate that the periods might begin soon. These symptoms may include low mood, a feeling of tension, and mood swings. You might have noticed that the craving for sweet things also increases before the onset of periods. That is where CBD products come in. By helping to maintain your body’s state of homeostasis, CBD may support you through this inconvenient times. By inducing balance, NaturalWorks CBD might also help us maintain our general sense of wellbeing throughout our lives.



CBD Benefits in Managing Menstrual Cramps and Pain:


Other than the bleeding, the symptoms during menstruation differ from woman to woman. Research reports that around 84% of women experience menstrual pain. Some women also experience stress, anxiety and sugar craving during their periods. Therefore, with the help of NaturalWorks CBD oil and other CBD products, women across the UK and beyond are seeking support for their general health and well-being at the time when it is most needed.



CBD Benefits for Older Women:


Over time, our body experiences various changes in its monthly cycle. Afterwards, there comes a stage where there is a massive change in the production of two very crucial hormones for us named estrogen and progesterone. Consequently, the woman enters the phase of menopause. While some women experience a comfortable transition without experiencing any undesirable symptoms, others face a hard time struggling with the undesirable effects of menopause. Usually, the symptoms include fatigue and hot flashes. All these symptoms can take a toll on their general health and wellness. 


So how, exactly, can CBD oil and other CBD products may help to support your body through this challenging period. 


By inducing a natural balance in our body through the regulation of endocannabinoids, CBD might help to maintain the homeostasis. Consequently, the body tends to maintain a balance.

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