CBD and the Mind

CBD and the Mind

The human brain is underappreciated in today’s society. Healthy diets and gym workouts focus on the physical appeal and appearance of the body. Without a doubt, being physically healthy does help the brain but when it comes down to it, we forget to exercise the brain. Facts and myths circulate the media on what the brain is capable of or not. Left brain versus right brain is introduced in high school, especially when it comes to choosing the “right” career fit for each individual. As discussion begins on how we can help our minds, among other helpful routines, cannabidiol (CBD) has shown progressively linear benefits in supporting our general wellbeing, which includes the wellbeing of the mind.



Mind or Brain: Is There a Difference?


Scientists tend to use “brain” while other members of society use “mind”. I tend to separate the two words and speak about each individually, but I often wonder if they are two different things or interchangeable. Interestingly, when people speak about feelingrememberingdreaming, and thinking of, the mind is mentioned rather than the brain. The mind is referred to as something powerful within each of us but not a material object. In contrast, the brain is a three pound mass of tissue. Casual conversation with a neuroscientist may have the use of the word mind with the limitation that the mind is real or somehow distinct from the brain. For the sake of this article, the mind will be used in the discussion. 



Cannabinoids: CBD & THC


When CBD is brought into a discussion there tends to be some confusion. Cannabinoids are compounds from cannabis plants. Commonly known cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The mind-altering effect of THC is not found in CBD. Receptors in the human body, CB1 and CB2 react differently to the two compounds. THC attaches directly to these receptors and releases the intoxicated “high”. On the other hand, CBD indirectly helps to maintain the body in a homeostasis state. 




Neurological Effects of CBD


The benefits of CBD are being rediscovered every day. Since the field of CBD studies is still limited, there has been no definite answer to whether there is a long-term effect from using NaturalWorks CBD. Positive results from the studies that have been done are rising with hopeful outcomes. 


Cognitive Brain Function and CBD


Cognitive functions such as forgetfulness and focusing ability are often related to the individual’s lifestyle. CBD supports and maintains health lifestyle and the sense of well-being, which is beneficial for our minds as well as for our bodies. 



Major Causes of Forgetfulness and Memory Loss


Forgetting where your keys are or walking into a room and forgetting what you need are frustrating and embarrassing. This is usually swept under the rug as part of getting older. Studies have shown that three major causes of these symptoms, not related to getting older but are caused by life-style issues and related imbalances.  





Stress is a culprit of many negative effects. Not only is forgetfulness part of stress but it can also affect the brain’s function to make or recall memories. This causes the effect known as brain fog. CBD is believed to improve focus and clarity of thinking, and aid concentration, which helps with foggy minds no end.


Lack of Sleep


Fitful sleep can lead to mood changes and increased anxiety. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can also impact our memories. Brain Waves that happen during sleep are storing and transferring memories. During sleep deprivation the brain does not have adequate time to do this. CBD products such as tinctures, teas, and capsules can be taken before bed to support a more restful sleep. 




Not only can mood imbalances cause forgetfulness, but also it can be a result of forgetfulness, and aggravate our ability to think clearly or make decisions. CBD products support the feeling of general wellbeing which may make the mood fluctuations somehow less important, thus maintaining our ability to focus. 


Using CBD for the clarity of mind


How CBD is used can vary greatly consumer to consumer. The benefits of incorporating CBD into a daily lifestyle is that consumers can try several CBD products to identify ones that provide them with strongest lifestyle benefits such as improved focus and concentration, and clear thinking.


If you are taking any medications related to the mental health and wellbeing, please consult your doctor before trying any NaturalWorks CBD product as it may interfere with your medications and make them less effective. 


The Takeaway


Cognitive functioning is commonly associated with aging and growing older. Research has found that our brain health is not limited to genetics but also depends greatly on our current lifestyles. It is important to remember that external factors can play a big role in our internal functions. CBD is beneficial in many cases as it improved the general feeling of wellbeing.



This article is opinion moulded from research. It does not offer any expert medical advice. Before starting any CBD product, discussing your symptoms with your doctor is advised. 





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