10 Ways to Make CBD A Daily Self-Care Staple

10 Ways to Make CBD A Daily Self-Care Staple


CBD has become an increasingly popular staple in daily self-care routines. There are lots of advantages associated with CBD that make it an ideal everyday self-care staple. Whether you need something to get you going all day or you've had a rough week, NaturalWorks CBD comes in handy to enhance your life. Here are 10 ways to incorporate NaturalWorks CBD into your daily self-care plan.



Post-Workout Routines


CBD can be used in various forms such as lotions, topical creams, salves, and balms. After workouts, CBD lotion or balm could be applied to support post-workout recovery. It is recommended to apply CBD lotion for a thorough muscle massage before going to bed for best results.




Skin Care


Improve your skin's anti-ageing properties and improve its condition by applying CBD balm. Research shows that CBD possesses antioxidant properties great for neutralizing free radicals, thereby improving the skin condition and preventing ageing. Also, CBD oils can help moisturise dry skin with its natural fatty acids. Apply CBD oil and balm daily for a remarkable result on your skin.


Hot Bath


Relax your body and calm your mind with CBD bath bombs. A hot bath is a vital aspect of your self-care staple, and it yields impressive results on your skin. The bath bomb will nourish your skin, giving it a smooth and supple texture while it cleans sweat and dirt off the skin. A CBD bath bomb is so easy to do, and the result is fantastic.



Mix CBD with Your Morning Coffee


CBD oils combine well with most kinds of liquid and beverage, coffee inclusive. Adding CBD to your coffee is one of the best ways to include it in your diet. Add doses of CBD oil to your morning coffee with the dropper, stir, and enjoy. You can also mix it with some milk and flavourings, the choice is yours to make. Whether it is the morning coffee, or anytime in the day, CBD oil makes a great additive.



Add CBD Oil to Salad Dressing


Incorporate CBD oil into your daily diet by drizzling it on top of your salad. However, don't fry or microwave CBD oil as it could produce terrible result. Instead, you can sprinkle it into foods after cooking, and it can be added to cold foods. Lovers of salads can use it as a salad dressing; otherwise, it's great for other types of food.



Ideal for Smoothies Or Shakes


Mix CBD oil with your fruit smoothie for a healthy and delicious CBD beverage. The positives in adding CBD to your smoothie is you achieve your daily CBD dose with lots of other health benefits such as vitamins and minerals. CBD oil can also be added to milkshakes and protein shakes as a high-quality beverage for post-workout. 



CBD Brownies


If you desire to achieve a tasty CBD self-care staple, then you should consider baked CBD brownies. CBD oil combines well with cooking ingredients like vegetable oil and can be added to various delicious recipes. You can use CBD oil to make cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.



Daily Dose of CBD Oil


Aside from including CBD oil in foods, you can also use it directly for fast action. Place CBD oil underneath your tongue for a few seconds to achieve a quick and effective dose. Apply CBD oil with a dropper in the right dose any time of the day and enjoy its amazing benefits.



Bedtime Routine


We all desire a sound and quality sleep with minimal disturbances. CBD may help to support your body during the resting period and support the quality of sleep while minimising sleep disturbances. You can apply CBD oil directly underneath the tongue or topically before bedtime or massage it into your skin. 



Support During Stressful Times 


We all experience a certain level of stress daily. Stress can be effectively managed using a wide variety of techniques, which can be further supported through the use of CBD. Vaping CBD acts fast within 1 to 3 minutes, and it provides an immediate feeling of serenity and clarity. You can combine CBD with any approved stress therapy options.  



The Take-Away


The best way to experience remarkable results from CBD is to maintain a regular daily dose. There are several ways to achieve a daily dose of CBD aside from, and we have highlighted ten ways in this article. Incorporating CBD into your daily self-care staple is an ideal way to enjoy your day and stay healthy. 





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